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Jojo dan Sinta - Keong Racun

Keong Racun song was previously not sound too excited. However, since the two beautiful ABG Bandung, Shinta and Jojo lipsync upload their videos with the song on YouTube, Keong Racun became famous throughout the archipelago.

And because of this, Lissa, the original singer Keong Racun, expressing his gratitude at Shinta and Jojo.

"I thank you same on YouTube. Until the end everyone knows the song Keong Racun and poison all over Indonesia, hahaha," Lissa said when met at Tifa Building, Jl Kuningan Barat, Jakarta, Thursday (29/07).

Indeed, the duo Shinta and Jojo had become a YouTube celebrity for their fun video. Their video was to be seen by hundreds of users and many comments praising there. Since then this song became popular dangdut koplo.

In fact, the campus plans to make an icon Unpas Jojo. "It might be an icon. What do our students that are promoting, especially for the Department of Social Politics HI Unpas," says Assistant Dean for Student Affairs FISIP Unpas III, Drs Deden Ramdan met reporters at the campus center Unpas, Thursday (07/29/2010) noon.

In the eyes Deden, what a truly extraordinary Jojo. In the language of semiotics, there is an unexpected creativity that made her famous. "Unpas proud to have Jovita. Regarding Unpas icon making plans, we will discuss it first with their families. Yes it is in the form of banners," said Deden.

Furthermore Deden said Jojo own achievements in Unpas including average. However, he said, his creativity deserves thumbs up.

Keong Racun song called sudden commotion in the realm of cyberspace. Dangdut genre songs that tell about this affair had even become a hot topic on twitter mikroblogging site.

Poisons conch itself furor began when the song was sung lipsync by two beautiful women who pose as Jojo and Shinta. They record the action in the form of videos uploaded to the site and then on youtube.

Apparently, their action in the video is intriguing attention of internet users. Nevertheless, the song had come into the Keong Racuns warm conversation. In fact, the song had long circulated in the city of Bandung through the singer named Lisa.

Meanwhile, Charly ST12 not want to talk much about the new project Poisons conch. But in the near future, to be exact August 3, video clips sung Keong Racun Putry Penelope will begin to capitalize.

"Anyway, God willing, later on August 3rd, we'll make a video clip with the song and the new arrangements," said Charly Regions met in Sentul on Thursday (07/29/2010).

She admitted that the music player directly tilled by him. This also includes selection of a new singer, the duo Putry Penelope.

"Because we've known and character match," he said.

Charly says he has not talked much, especially since all are still in the process of manufacture. So also the video clips that have not been made.

"I hope this is useful for many people. I just want to be creative in music," he asserted.

This confirms previous vocalist ST12 have no business responding to the original singer disappointment Keong Racun, Lissa. He said the most important thing she has had official permission to rearranging a song that originally this koplo dangdut genre.

Poisons conch own songs into the virtual world community a warm conversation, after the duo Shinta and Jojo sings the song in lypsinc and uploaded to youtube. Both an intriguing behavior, making Shinta and Jojo became Trending topics in Twitter microblogging ago on July 27, 2010.

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